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Chief Data & Analytics Officers, Nordics

8-9 December 2020 | Taking Place Online, Desktop & Tablet



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Join The Nordic Region's Most Innovative Data & Analytics Leaders

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The must-attend annual CDAO Nordics 2020 has been exclusively designed for the cutting-edge data & analytics leader, focused on aligning data strategy with digital transformation, leveraging data analytics to increase business value; and spearheading a data-driven culture that utilises data as engine for growth.

  • Learn from, network, and share knowledge with forward-thinking leaders from some of most recognisable brands in the world.
  • Hear how your peers are accelerating business transformation towards a data-driven culture.
  • Refine your strategy to employ cutting-edge technologies such as AI and ML to provide increased business value.

Why CDAO Nordics?


200+ Live Attendees

Meet Senior Decision Makers From Across Europe


40+ Expert Speakers

Learn From Those At The Forefront Of Data & Analytics Strategy


10+ Exhibitors

Explore Our Virtual Exhibition And Find Solutions To Your Challenges


On-Demand Sessions

Can't Make The Whole Event? Get Selected Sessions On-Demand


Confirmed Speakers


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8:15am CET

Welcome Address

8:30am CET

Keynote Presentation: Retaining Data Scientists Through Both Domain Knowledge Training and Challenging Them Technically

  • Why is the turnover for data scientists so high, and how can we fight this trend?
  • How Storebrand was able to leverage cloud infrastructure to refine the data science process
  • Breaking down inter-departmental siloes between data science, engineering, analytics etc.
  • Focus on project-oriented work to keep the job interesting and novel


Jeroen Van Zeeland, Head of Analytics, Storebrand (NEW)

9:00am CET Keynote Presentation by Nick Nowlan, Nordic Lead, Fivetran
9:30am CET

Panel Discussion: Expanding on Pockets of Success – How can we Effectively Scale Data & Analytics Projects for Best Outcomes?

  • Turning big data into smart data: how can we quickly identify success in order to scale it out?
  • What is the impact of increasing the tempo of decision making?
  • What are the most useful tools in scaling out data projects?
  • How can we ensure that the IT team is able to maintain and upgrade the data science pipeline?
  • What are the best ways of adapting the culture of the organisation as we increase the frequency of data-driven decision making?


  • Beatrice Sablone, Chief Data Officer, Swedish Public Employment Service (NEW)
  • Manana Rtskhiladze, Global Workforce Analytics Lead, Electrolux (NEW)
  • Kristiina Tiilas, Head of Data & Analytics, Kemira (NEW)
  • Minna Kärhä, Head of Data, Finnair
  • Robin Hjelte, Head of Analytics, Swish

10:10am CET
  • Networking Break & Trivia
  • 1:1 Business Meetings
  • Speaker Meet & Greet

10:40am CET

Breakout Fireside Chat: The Role of People Analytics in Onboarding a  New CEO

  • How people analytics was able to ‘cut through the noise’ to drive initial actions
  • Bringing people analytics to the Board: driving organisation strategy & change
  • Working collaboratively to harness the value of people analytics


Mark Hayton, Organisation Development Global Analytics Lead, Nokia

Breakout Presentation: Customer Data Platform as a Source for Insights

Drawing on his experience from Norwegian Air, Kjetil Løvlie is going to present:
  • The Customer Data Platform and core functionalities
  • Key areas for analytics and reporting accelerated by the customer data platform
  • Other business benefits from the CDP


Kjetil Eik Løvlie, Former Head of Marketing Personalisation, Norwegian Airlines 

11:10am CET

Breakout Presentation: Balancing Outstanding Customer Service & Personalisation with Respect for Customers’ Privacy

  • In what ways do customers want their service to be tailored to their needs, and how can you best deliver that?
  • Avoiding the ‘creepy factor’ – when does personalisation become unsettling to customers?
  • Finding the balance and building objections and consent into your model to avoid abusing personal data
  • As the public become increasingly knowledgeable about data, how can companies maintain public trust in their use of personal data and avoid the risk of reputational damage?

Breakout Presentation: Overcoming Data Siloes to Supercharge Your Data Analytics Impact

  • Ensuring the right customer information reaches the right employees
  • Increasing departmental collaboration throughout all levels of the organisation to identify patterns
  • Creating a focused strategy with clear timeframes and goals
  • Shaping a culture where data governance is a facilitator of growth
11:40am CET

Panel Discussion: Data-Driven Digital Transformation - How Can Data Analytics Leaders Play a Critical Role in Their Organisation’s Modernisation Journey?

  • One size doesn’t fit all – What does digital transformation mean for your organisation post-COVID-19 and how does this differ per business unit?
  • Acting as an internal consultant – How to ‘win business’ within your organisation and underpin all transformations with a foundation of data analytics?
  • As digital transformation continues to evolve, what does this mean for the role of the CDAO and how can you adapt to thrive in all outcomes?


  • Maija Hovila, Global Head of Analytics, KONE (NEW)
  • Peter Larsen, Senior Director, Head of Data & Analytics, Orsted
  • Gabriela Ayres, Global Credit Risk & Analytics Lead, Care by Volvo (NEW)
  • Emine OlaussonFourounjieva, Digital Analytics & Insights Lead, Nobia (NEW)
  • Rakesh Rana, Data Science Lead, Haypp Group

12:20pm CET
  • Networking Break & Afternoon Activity
  • 1:1 Business Meetings
  • Speaker Meet & Greet

12:50pm CET

Breakout Fireside Chat: We're All Data Scientists Now! Rethinking Business Success Through Data Democratisation

  • How can we unlock the value embedded within an organisation through data democratisation
  • Which tasks should be performed by an analytical and which should we empower business units to carry out independently?
  • Keeping data ‘clean’: what methods can help ensure that insights are being derived from quality data?
  • How Schibsted Media Group were able to capitalise on the value of data through democratisation


Ludwig Kroksted, Head of Media Insights, Schibsted Media Group

Breakout Presentation: Long-Term Price Forecasting in the Energy Sector - Guess Work or Strategic Advantage?

  • Understanding energy market fundamentals
  • Creating a data-driven focus
  • Leveraging organisational knowledge to drive decisions


Peter Larsen, Senior Director, Head of Data & Analytics, Orsted

1:20pm CET

Keynote Presentation: Building a Mature Data Analytics Roadmap in a Shifting Industry

  • Build a data analytics roadmap that adapts with your business and customer needs
  • Learn how to navigate technologies for data collection and analytics that are on the horizon
  • Exploring different roadmaps in organisations that have been using data analytics for decades vs. those that have just started

1:50pm CET

Panel Discussion: Customers are King – Delivering ‘WOW!’ Customer Experiences Through Data & Analytics

  • What does the modern customer expect?
  • How can Chief Data Officers best partner with other departments to turbo-charge the delivery of outstanding service for all customers?
  • Bringing together disparate, siloed data to gain a holistic, 360-degree view of your customers
  • Using data and analytics to improve retention and reduce churn to increase customer lifetime value
  • Emilia Nilsson, Head of Analytics, RAW Digital (NEW)
  • Dennis Nilsson, Head of Business Intelligence & Analytics, Jyske Bank (NEW)
  • Myriam Martensen, Director, Data Insights, Wilke (NEW)
  • Sam Troilius, Former VP, Data & Analytics, Lifesum (NEW)

2:30pm CET
  • Networking Activity
  • 1:1 Business Meetings
  • Speaker Meet & Greet

3:00pm CET

End of Day One & Post-Event Pub Trivia

8:15am CET

Welcome Address

8:30am CET

Fireside Chat: Industrialisation of Personalisation in the Age of AI 

  • In this talk, we will discuss the technological and business challenges on industrialising AI personalisation where scale matters
  • Solid developments of AI industrialisation
  • Key learnings from Varner’s customer personalisation programme


Juwel Rana, Head of Analytics, Varner

9:00am CET

Keynote Presentation: Data Governance as the Key to Ensuring Accurate Insights from Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning & AI

  • When is ‘good’ good enough? Delivering high quality data without aiming for perfection or stifling innovation
  • The importance of a strong data culture – successfully communicating that ML models are only as strong as the data which underpins them
  • How can we meet the need for strong governance controls to ensure high quality data, whilst enabling its use for innovation?

9:30am CET

Panel Discussion: Mind + Machine: Capitalising on Automation Effectively

  • How can we show improved returns through automation?
  • Increasing trust: improving employee confidence on automation
  • What are the key challenges in implementation and how can these be overcome?
  • Finding the right balance between human-centred and machine decisions


  • Alexander Hübel, Global Head of Automation, AI & Analytics Transformation, Ericsson (NEW)
  • Baptiste Rousset, Business Analytics Lead, Volvo Car Mobility (NEW)
  • Valentina Zolotukhina, Divisional Controller, Raufoss Neuman

10:10am CET
  • Networking Break & Trivia
  • 1:1 Business Meetings
  • Speaker Meet & Greet

10:40am CET

Breakout Presentation: Storytelling Behind Data-Driven Transformation: How to Lead, Inspire & Motivate

  • Vision and process in digital leadership as a powerful enabler for business growth
  • Through storytelling, you can develop a compelling vision of where you are and where you want to go, bringing people along with you on the journey in a way pure data and bullet points would never be able to
  • The importance of EQ (emotional intelligence) for transformative leadership


Emine OlaussonFourounjieva, Digital Analytics & Insights Lead, Nobia (NEW)

Breakout Fireside Chat: Performance vs Transparency – Tradeoffs in Predictive Modelling

  • When do we need a tradeoff between predictive performance and transparency?
  • What aspects do we need to consider if we want a transparent prediction system?
  • Where do legal requirements end and ethics begin?
  • What challenges does UC face in building ethical prediction systems?
  • Who in the organisation is responsible for the ethics?


Olle Engdegård, Head of Predictive Modelling, UC/Enento Group (NEW)
11:10am CET

Breakout Presentation: Shifting the Lens of Data Governance from Regulatory Compliance to Analytics

  • Expanding the remit of data and analytics past regulatory needs and switching to an ‘offensive’ approach
  • Data as a corporate asset - how to move the data analytics function from cost centre to a profit centre
  • Structuring Data Governance and analytics to optimise outcomes
  • Data governance as a facilitator of strategic growth

Breakout Presentation: Data Lake or Data Swamp? Ensuring Strong Data Architecture

  • Best practices in data migration: people, process & technology
  • Identifying the data architecture that will work best for your organisation
  • Creating a narrative and identifying effective change management procedures
  • Making data useful and governed
11:40am CET

Panel Discussion: From Hype to Reality - How Can You Harness the Power of AI to Supercharge Your Data Analytics Impact?

  • How mature are AI technologies currently and what should we expect in the years ahead? How can you ensure that your organisation is at the forefront of this ‘brave new world’?
  • What opportunities does AI present to modern businesses ready to exploit them? What are the challenges and how can these be best overcome?
  • How can we reduce potential biases not only to ensure accuracy but also ethical use of data?
  • What impact will non-normal behaviour during the Coronavirus period have on our models, and how can we respond to this?


  • Morten Bunes Gustavsen, Head of Data, DNB Wealth Management (NEW)
  • Girish Agarwal, Director, AI Lab, Husqvarna Group
  • Erik Tallroth, Head of Analytics, Sweden, Telia Company

12:20pm CET
  • Networking Break & Afternoon Activity
  • 1:1 Business Meetings
  • Speaker Meet & Greet

12:50pm CET

Keynote Presentation: Exploring How Data, Analytics & Tech Leadership Needs to Evolve in an Uncertain Economy

  • Exploring the ambiguity around data, analytics and tech leadership roles: What are the mandates and what makes for effective leadership in the future?
  • How can we ensure that the team is in constant revenue-generation mode in an uncertain economic climate?
  • What should the key roles and responsibilities of a data & analytics team be? How can this be kept distinct from the rest of the business?
  • How is data and analytics representation evolving at board level? How can we position these roles as crucial for the long term and not just the immediate future?


Neil Hodgson, Engineering Manager, Star Connect & Head of Data Science and AI (Assets), Maersk (NEW)

1:20pm CET

Keynote Presentation by Søren Kold, Head of People Analytics, Grundfos (NEW)

1:50pm CET

Panel Discussion: How Can We Improve ROI on Data Analytics Projects Through Data Management and Quality?

  • Maintaining data governance standards throughout data growth periods
  • To what extent it is possible to use offensive data strategies for defensive data purposes?
  • Creating a data ethics framework that works for both customers and the organisation
  • What does the future state data governance operating model look like?


  • Jennie Nilsson, Head of Data Privacy & IT, Baker McKenzie
  • Sailaja Kunapuli, Head of Data & Information Management, Telia Company (NEW)
  • Vesa Tupala, Director, Data Govnerance & Operational Risk, Mandatum Life Insurance (NEW)

2:30pm CET

Close of Conference

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