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5th Edition

CDAO Nordics

Practical Insights from Nordics Most Senior Data Leaders

29th - 30th November
7A Odenplan, Stockholm, Sweden
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CDAO Nordics Agenda

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
8:00 am
Registration & Networking
8:50 am
Chair's Opening Remarks
Ed Martin, VP of Data & Analytics, Ingka IKEA 
9:00 am
Keynote Presentation: ‘Push or Pull is Not Binary’ - What it Really Takes to Have the Business Buy into Your Data Strategy

Equinor: Who we are & where we want to go, including our digital vision 

  • ‘The good, the bad & the ugly’ of using SSU data lake in your digitalisation project to address business cases 
  • No vision without execution: How to deliver clear vision & best-in-class execution to gain business trust & engagement 


Dirk Hesse, VP of Technology Management, Equinor 

Keynote Presentation: Modernising the Way You Manage Data by Implementing an Enterprise Data Fabric

The key components to developing a robust data fabric 

How to optimally safeguard data when deploying data fabric  

Understanding when is best to use a physical or logical data fabric 


Charles Southwood, Regional VP of Northern Europe and MEA, Denodo  

Panel Discussion: ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’ - The Recipe to Accelerate Enterprise Success

Building your ‘brand’: Internally marketing the contribution of data & analytics to organisational success  

Utilising data metrics to gain stakeholder engagement & buy-in 

Embedding & reviewing your training programmes to improve enterprise-wide data literacy 



Maija Hovila, Chief Analytics Officer, Kone 



Mikko Muurinen, Head of Data & AI, Helen Oy   

Dennis Nilsson, Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics, Jyske Bank 

Andras Valko, Chief Data Science Officer, SBAB Bank 

Networking Break
Presentation: Accelerate Business Decision-Making by Leveraging the Capabilities of Data Governance & Master Data Management

Establishing levels of governance around data 

Exploiting automation to improve data quality, accuracy & operational efficiency 

What’s next? Dissecting where data governance is heading in the future & what this means for businesses 


Julie Siezing, Head of Data Governance, GN Group 

Presentation: Why do so many companies move to the data cloud?

Learn about all new opportunities but also pitfalls to avoid when moving to the cloud.  
Today's companies need to find ways to compete using data as their foundation. Learn how many large nordic companies transform their business when they move to the data cloud while keeping governance at the center. With the data cloud companies also start monetizing their data.    

Sam Bäcknäs, Head of Sales Engineering Nordics (Majors), Snowflake  

Panel Discussion: Mitigating Risk & Remaining Compliant with an Effective Governance Framework

How to pinpoint & prioritise which data you should govern 

Enabling business units to self-govern data with the correct guidelines & accountabilities  

  • Utilising metrics to monitor the long-term success of your framework 



Julie Siezing, Head of Data Governance, GN Group 



Manish Mishra, Head of Products Strategy & Governance, IoT, Ericsson 

Bahar Malavan Naryndji, Head of Compliance, Andra AP-Fonden (AP2) 

Marie Haldorson, Deputy Director General, Statistics Sweden 

Anna Maria Wingo, Head of Data Lifecycle Management, Zenseact 

Networking Lunch
Presentation:Getting Past the Basics of being Data Driven
  • Many companies strive to be data driven and spend a lot of money on initiatives 
  • I will go through some keys that go beyond the basics of becoming data driven 
Olof Granberg, Director of Data & Advanced Analytics Technology, ICA Gruppen 
Presentation: How to Tackle Data Integration Headaches for Increased Business Efficiency
  • Moving from the old: How to simplify the processes of moving various data from old legacy systems  
  • How can you effectively ensure that data is being accessed & utilised effectively to support wider business units?  
  • Methods to achieve a single point of truth & continuous delivery of data 

Shehzad Choudhry, Solution Consultant, Qlik 

Presentation: Using AI & Data to Drive Profitability, Growth & a Sustainable Business Model at IKEA

Developing data foundations which give a single source of the truth for key data categories such as sales and cost  

Leveraging AI and ML to drive sustainable business model transformation in retail 

How to create agile analytics teams with the right culture that deliver transformational products at high speed 

Ed Martin, VP of Data & Analytics, Ingka IKEA 

Networking Break
Discussion Groups

Discussion Group 1A - Unpicking Potential Opportunities in Analytics to Monetise Data & Improve Customer Insights 

How do you define ‘data monetisation’?  

What key features of a data analytics platform can help you generate monetisation opportunities?  

Different methods to increase your revenue streams 

Privacy is key: Finding the balance between data monetisation and protecting consumer privacy 

 Discussion Group Leader: Timothy Stone, Manager Solutions Consulting, Amplitude 

Manish Mishra, Head of Products Strategy & Governance, IoT, Ericsson 

Thomas Weigle, Chief Product & Data Officer, Dentsu Sweden  

Bas Lucieer, Director of Data & ACX, Litebit 

Muhammad Raqib Rafique, Head of BI, Entercard Group


Discussion Group 1B - The Art of Retaining and Upskilling Your Data & Analytics Team 

Educating your team with diverse training courses to broaden their skillset 

Providing your team with the ‘tools’ to have greater input in the overall business strategy  

Enabling your team to flourish in different environments by fostering cross-functional collaboration 

Discussion Group Leader:

Rakesh Rana, Head of Data, Haypp Group 

Valthor Halldorsson, Director of Data & Analytics, CCP Games  

Networking Drinks & End of Day One
8:50 am
Chair's Opening Remarks

Maija Hovila, Chief Analytics Officer, Kone 

9:00 am
Keynote Presentation: Is Data Really the Most Important Thing? Learnings From a Transformation to Become More Data Driven
  • Examining the steps of Tele2’s data transformation phase, key lessons learnt, and how they are equipped for the next steps  
  • How can you address existing business challenges, while remaining innovative for future possibilities in the landscape? 


Henrik Forsberg, Head of Data & Analytics, Tele2 

9:30 am
Panel Discussion: Let’s Get Ethical - Addressing Data Bias by Ensuring your AI Models are Compliant

How to evaluate the risks of your AI models & ensure data is used ethically  

Best practices for creating a responsible AI governance framework 

Preparing for the practical implications the EU AI regulations act will have for businesses & data handling 


Rebecka Söderhielm, Director of Automation & AI Value Realization, Ericsson 


Kjetil Kalager, Head of Data & AI, Fremtind 

Jonathan Rebane, AI Expert, anch.AI  

Filippa Jennersjö, CIO & Chief Digital Officer, OKQ8 

10:15 am
Networking Break
10:45 am
Panel Discussion: Delivering a Superior Customer Experience by Unlocking Valuable Insights with Advanced Analytics

How to effectively leverage predictive analytics to gain a 360-degree view of customer expectations 

Using self-service analytics for quicker decision-making & a unified view of customer data 

Deploying an automated system to collect, organise and obtain real-time data trends 


Anne-Christine Lane, VP of Analytics & Automation, PostNord 


Kristine Kyllesbech, VP of Portfolio Management, Strategy & Analytics, GlobalConnect 

Ivan Karlovic, Director of Data Analytics & Master Data, Norwegian Air Shuttle  

Ryan McCabe, Senior Data Scientist & Insights Lead, Spotify 

Presentation: How Kongsberg Drove Change through Digitalisation, in an Industry with an Analogue Mindset

How to overcome the challenges of addressing low-bandwidth, non-standardised, high value target assets  

Why it is essential to define a value proposition first before harvesting data 

Leveraging domain expertise to enhance the value derived from data analytics 

How can you create a successful value creation? 

Sajid Rafiq, Head of Business Intelligence Strategy, Kongsberg Maritime 

12:00 pm
Networking Lunch
1:00 pm
Panel Discussion: No Data Without Ethics - How to Proactively Navigate the Complexity of Data Ethics

Implanting data ethics into the enterprise culture with a data ethics committee board  

Best practices into how to effectively anonymise large data sets  

Staying ahead of organisational & technological changes by evolving your data ethics strategy 


Geoffrey van IJzendoorn-Joshi, Head of Data Management, Moller Mobility Group & Country CDO Ambassador of Norway 


Kalle Kantola, VP of Foresight & Data Economy, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland 

Giovanni Leoni, Global Head of Algorithmic and AI Ethics, Inter IKEA 

1:45 pm
Networking Break
2:00 pm
Discussion Group 2A - Preparing Today for Tomorrow: How to Attract & Recruit Future Generation of Data Professionals

Ways to stand out, in an ever-changing market, to attract the top talent  

What is the modern skillset and expectations required for people beginning their data career? 

Is AI the silver bullet to reducing unconscious bias in the hiring process? 


Diljá Rudolfsdóttir, Director of Software Delivery & Data, Ossur  

Martí Colominas, VP Head of Data & Insight, reMarkabl 

Pedram Birounvand, Director of Data Management, EQT Group 

3:00 pm
Chair's Closing Remarks & End of Conference

Maija Hovila, Chief Analytics Officer, Kone